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September 22nd, 2015 Comments Off on Clearing the Air

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One of the favorite pastimes of journalists and journalism educators is pointing out the flaw of various sorts of news coverage. But today I’d like to offer three cheers for The New York Times, which has superb coverage of the extraordinary Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. (VW has admitted to selling cars with computers that were programmed to sense when they were being tested for their emissions, and turn on the systems to reduce harmful emissions; when not being tested, these systems were left off, and the cars spew between 30 and 40 times the allowable level of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere.)

Three stories in today’s Times business section explore different aspects of the story. In particular, the article by Bill Vlasic and Aaron M. Kessler about how the VW cheat was discovered is a wonderfully succinct account of how researchers at West Virginia University discovered the deception. Recommended reading.

Here’s a link to the story mentioned.

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